Working with Bill Martin is amazing, there are not enough words to express our satisfaction and gratitude. Bill stepped in to complete this house after I found it necessary to part ways with my original contractor. Bill understood my plans and also my budget. He has made suggestions and offered ideas which have surpassed my original vision for this home. Bill and his crew are extremely professional and communication is outstanding. If my husband and I ever decide to build another home, I am calling Bill.

The Clarke Family

MSH built my home in the Westcliffe development outside of Little Rock, AR in 2017/2018. I couldn’t be happier. I can’t say enough about the attention to detail. The process was very easy and never stressful as it can be when building a new home. My only complaint would be that I’d use a different landscaper. That does not affect the quality of the home, though. I live in a development with many very nice homes, and I can’t count the times neighbors and visitors have told me that my home was their favorite.

John Ledbetter

Martin Signature Homes have been so great to work with over the years! I provide the plumbing fixtures for them and have enjoyed working with Bill and Drew. Teresa and Ashlin are amazing and so talented! Every customer by the end of the job is happy with the project and say that they would do it again! Martin Signature Homes make building a home easy and enjoyable! You are in great hands with this team!

Caitlyn Stevenson

When I first signed on with Bill Martin to let him build my house, I was actually scared to do so. I was a single lady and not real sure what I was getting myself into. But with Bill’s help and his group, Martin Signature Homes, he guided every step of the way. Bill was ALWAYS available for me. I never had to wonder if Bill would call me back. When I had concerns, Bill was there for me. When I needed questions answered, Bill was there for me. Every time Bill told me something, it was true and factual. I never had to worry, at all. Bill Martin with Martin Signature Homes is top notch! I do not have any complaints. Bill made my experience go smoothly and finished my house in the right amount of time. I have had no problems, or any service calls since I moved in. I would use Bill Martin again, should I ever decide to build again. I would recommend Bill and his company to anyone. He stands on his word and my house is gorgeous!

Lisa Craft

It was truly a blessing to build a home with Bill Martin of Martin Signature Homes. From the very beginning to the signing of the closing papers, Bill was with us every step of the way. He guided us as we designed and budgeted our dream home. If there was a question or concern, Bill was always quick to return our calls and meet us at our property to work through all of the details. Taking on a project of this magnitude is never without issues. After moving into our home, we found a leak in the master bathroom. We called Bill, and within an hour Bill was at our home with the plumber, taking apart our bathroom piece by piece until the problem was resolved. Once the leak was repaired, Bill and his team had our master bath immaculately restored, in a timely manner, at no additional expense. We are fortunate to have been able to build a home that we can raise our family in, and, if in the future we decide we need something else to meet our needs, we will choose Bill Martin and Martin Signature Homes.

Chris and Rachel Schillage

We had the fortunate opportunity to build with Martin Signature Homes. My wife and I had no knowledge or experience with the home building process. Bill Martin and his staff guided us through step by step. Throughout the process, we found Bill Martin and Martin Signature Homes to be helpful, honest, prompt, and courteous. My wife and I were concerned about people taking advantage of us during the process. Bill Martin conducted business with character and class. During the building process we were pressed for time and Martin Signature Homes met the deadlines of our move-in date. Compared to other builders we were impressed with the quality products we obtained: specifically high-quality cabinets, countertops, trim, and painting. In addition to the great product we saved a significant amount of money. If necessary, we would use Martin Signature Homes again. We have also recommended Martin Signature Homes to our friends.

Marla Fegley

With support throught it all, Bill and his crew did a great job helping our family build our dream home. He pointed us in the right direction. With step by step instructions & guidance we overcame what we thought was going to be a headache turned into a great learning and fun experience. We couldn’t have asked for a better turnout on our beautiful home. Thank you for your best!!

Mike Sellars

Building with Martin Signature Homes was a great experience for my wife and I. The experienced staff were able to steer us clear of road blocks and problems we never knew existed. With so many unique people working on one team we were really able to bring our personal visions together seamlessly to create a beautiful dream home for our family. We were so pleased with the first home we built with Martin Signature Homes, we have decided to start the process again. We currently have a million dollar home under construction that we would have never been able to afford without the equity we gained from the first home we built. We are 100% confident they will walk with us to the finish line and deliver us another masterpiece!

Alex Dempsey

I highly recommend Bill and his team! We decided to build because we couldn’t find exactly what we wanted already built. We were intimidated about the building process though. What I love about Martin Signature Homes is they guide through the whole process starting with whole planning and helping you find an architect and a lot if needed. They really take on your vision for what you want with your house while also keeping an eye staying strictly on the budget. We are so appreciative to have a beautiful custom built home and we are looking forward to building our next one with them!

The Donohue Family

Mr. Bill and his team are wonderful! Their service is exceptional and their work is of the highest quality. We are so grateful that they helped us build our dream home!

Crystal Burns

Drew and crew are committed to the project!

Josh Johnson

Bill Martin is great! When we moved to Little Rock 4 years ago, we chose to build with Martin Signature Homes due solely to Bill Martin! We have built homes in Kansas City & Indianapolis previously & our build with Bill was clearly our best experience yet & have often considered building with him again in Little Rock if the opportunity presents itself. He was hardworking & dedicated to the success of our home project. As with any home construction project, we had a few hiccups along the way, but Bill ensured their timely correction! Literally days before we were to move in, there was a defective water pipe that burst within a wall causing our foyer floor to be flooded. Bill sprang into overtime to get our walls, floors & carpet affected torn out and replaced and less than a week later we were able to move in. We also had a slight water issue in our storm room that he tirelessly worked to rectify for months after we moved in. Throughout our build process Bill became a friend to our family & my 2 children have fond memories of him. He continues, now 4 years later, to visit us & is a part of our lives. We highly recommend Martin Signature Homes as a top quality home building option.

Cristin Bankson

Excellent company with the best quality service. Design and detail is top notch. I would definitely use them again. My experience was wonderful! I couldn’t be happier with my home!

Danielle Weir

As a newlywed couple, looking to buy our first home was as much as a challenge as planning the wedding itself. The idea of building our first home was completely unfathomable. That is, until a casual meeting with Martin Signature Homes led us to one of the greatest decisions we’ve made together. In 2014, my husband and I began construction on our first home. Over the course of 4 months, Bill Martin and his amazing staff were there with us day in and day out no matter the time of day providing concierge like services. What seemed to have been an impossible task for us at the beginning, turned into one of the most beautiful outcomes we could have ever imagined. The success of our first home and the equity obtained has led us to the early stages of the second set of house plans with Martin Signature Homes. We can’t thank them enough for making our dreams come true.

Brent and Brooke Burnham

When my wife and I decided to build our dream home the decision to use Bill Martin was an easy one. After meeting with him we felt assured that we would be able to accomplish our goal. His streamlined building process allowed us to build more house for our money than if we had used any other builder. Anytime we had questions Bill Martin was never too busy to take my call or respond to my multiple texts 24/7. He helped quickly resolve any problems that arose while building. After all the horror stories you hear about the process of building a home we came away from this pleased with the results. We would definitely use Bill Martin again if we chose to build another home.

Rich Byford

Great and knowledgeable builder. Best price per square foot and saves thousands. Quality product delivered. Highly recommend!!

R. Gross

Like most people, we had a longstanding dream of building a new home. We put all of our thoughts and ideas together over a period of about 2 years. However, we remained apprehensive about entering into the process, mostly because we did not feel at ease with entering into a collaboration with a builder who did not share our vision. We talked to a few guys who seemed very qualified to build high quality homes, but never got the sense that our desires were going to be a priority for them. Then we met Bill Martin. As we shared with him our vision, he seemed to be genuinely excited, as if he were building his own home. He took our requests and helped us build OUR dream home, not someone else’s version of what a dream home should be. The whole process of building can be difficult, but Bill always seemed to be available to answer our questions and respond to our concerns. I especially appreciate the way he remained engaged in our process. While I’m sure that he had other projects going on at the same time, we were never made to feel anything less than his top priority. If you are thinking about creating the home of your dreams, don’t hesitate to call Bill. We certainly would do it all over again.

Andrea Burlison